Thursday, September 3, 2009

..............Bye Bye Boat...You've Been Fun

So absolutely thrilled today. I was in a huge need of receiving good news, and it came in several forms today. First, Andy and I have prayed about selling our boat. We knew it would help offset adoption expenses, but it was a difficult decision because we have had so many good times on it, especially my husband. Well, we agreed to sell it. I listed it this morning and by early afternoon someone had already come out to see it and purchased it for an amount that would cover about 1/3 of our adoption expenses!!! Thank you Jesus. Second, we had a doctors appointment for Andrea and she has no fluid on her kidneys!! The doctor went on and on about how amazing it was that she was so much better. I just smiled and thanked the Lord. Third, another referral came in for an FTIA family. She is a beautiful little girl. Every time I see another child referred, I feel like it is one of my own and I am overjoyed. Soon it will be us who gets the call. On another note, we are still waiting on our final paper to complete our dossier. We hope to get it within the next week. I feel like I check the mailbox constantly! Soon.