Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Celebration

Today we celebrated Noah's birthday again!!! He was thrilled...the gifts keep on coming. Grammie Kathy, Grandma Pudding, Aunt Teresa, and Evan all came for a cookout and cake. It is still hard for me to believe he is six. It just seems like yesterday we brought home a 9lb. 2oz. baby boy. I look at him now and see "big" boy. It's amazing how something can make you happy and sad at the same time. I sometimes feel like a missed so much of his six can that be...I was a stay at home mom and still am. Time just seems to steal memories and special moments away from you. I pray that I will remember these days as I get older. I just want to hold on to this moment so tightly and not let it go. We often get so caught up with our daily lives and forget that we can never go back, we can never revisit these days. They are only little once and before you know it they are married and on their own. Lord, keep my children in Your hands. Order and guide their steps. May their days be long and their lives be full. May they know Your love and salvation at an early age. Thank you Lord for your promises and being a fulfiller of your Word! I love you Jesus. I need you right now! Be with my baby in Africa whether she be in the womb or on this earth. You know everything about her and I trust you with her life.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Big day for 2 Big kids.

We have had a few exciting days here. Noah turned 6 and had a great day. He got some presents and then in the evening we went go-cart racing. The kids had a blast. Noah loved being able to drive his own car. The top picture is of Andrea and her winning photo at the state fair. She received a special award for it! Not everyone got their pictures displayed. Not only did she get hers displayed, but it was next to best of show! What an amazing thing for a 7 year old.
School is going well. The kids like their teachers and are enjoying their classes. Nathan and I have been busy working on the benefit. We are looking for silent auction items and hole sponsors. We are getting some good feedback. Keep us in your prayers. Not too much longer! I'm getting nervous about it. I know the Lord will provide! My faith is growing.

Friday, August 14, 2009

A New Season

Well, the Cottongim house is all a buzz. The kids have started back to school and loving it! Mommy and Nathan are having a little bit of a hard time getting readjusted. He has been grouchy...I think he misses his brother and sister. He has been getting up earlier too. Noah loves kindergarten and Andrea thinks 2nd grade is fun. She says it is going to be hard this year. They will do great. Noah is worried that he won't make any friends, but I know the Lord will bring the right kids in his path for him to befriend. Andrea doesn't know very many kids in her class, but one of her close girlfriends from last year sits right next to her! Tomorrow I have my teachers meeting for preschool. We don't start for another month and it is only 2 mornings a week. Nathan says he is NOT going to preschool. We will see about that!

We got our amended home study at the beginning of the week. Everything is fixed and it looks great. I sent it off to the secretary of state and to USCIS. As soon as that returns our dossier will be ready to submit. All we will need then is $3000 to go with it. We are praying it arrives. God is requiring my faith to rise up. I saw a teaching the other day on Christian TV about faith and hope. Hope is believing something may come to pass. Faith is believing it already has, you are just waiting for the fruit! I believe God has it for us, we are just waiting for the fruit!

On a fun note, we just got a baby kitty on Friday. It is an early birthday present for Noah. Her name is Roxy Rose. Noah just loves her to pieces. She is not to sure about him, but he doesn't give up on her. She will adjust. Well...signing off for now.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Home Study Blunders

The good news is that we received our home study on Sat. The bad news is that it is full of errors. I have been in contact with the social worker and they are working on the changes now. It is frustrating because some of the errors were told to them BEFORE they signed them and sent them to us. Oh well. At least it is getting fixed. We need to send it off to the secretary of state and to USCIS before we can even complete the dossier. At least all of the other paperwork is completed. God has perfect timing. This way we will have our benefit done and we can apply that money to the first payment...providing we raise enough! I believe the Lord will bring it in somehow someway. The benefit is Sept. 12 and it is quickly approaching. I'm getting nervous about it all. I hope it all works out smoothly. I printed 50 more brochures today. I have a lot I need to get in the mail and a lot to hand out. I plan on printing 50 more tomorrow. That is my goal anyway. Still looking for silent auction items and hole sponsors. Bring them in Lord.

The kids start school next week. Andrea will be in Miss Taylor's 2nd grade class and Noah will be in Ms. Tramontana's kindergarten class. I know Andrea will do fine...she loves school and she is really looking forward to it. I'm a little concerned about Noah. He will be there all day on Mondays and Wednesdays and every other Friday. He will get to eat lunch at school! I am praying his energy level stays under control. Nathan doesn't start preschool until after Labor Day. It will be interesting to see how he does. Knowing mommy is right next door in another class may be hard for him. The other teachers are very good though and I know he will adjust in time.

Last night at church the message was about making Christ Lord over your life...not just Savior. It was very powerful and convicting. He touched a place in my heart where I haven't completely made Him Lord. I am learning that it is a daily surrender of the heart. God is good.