Friday, June 18, 2010

Waiting for the phone call friend Jill just got back from ET and said she may have seen my baby girl! Apparently, there are about 15 tiny baby girls at the orphanage in Awassa. If this is the case, and we are supposedly NEXT to be matched....that means our baby girl is there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been on edge since receiving this news. I feel like this lady in the picture, staring at the phone, pleading with the phone, praying to God that it rings soon. I jump every time it rings, especially at odd times. However, today is Friday so our agency is closed for the weekend. I'm just glad that we are staying busy. It CAN'T be too much longer. This has been the longest 15 months of my life. Next week I think I am going on a road trip to visit with Jill and meet her beautiful baby boy Aaron.
I had to update our POAs so I sent those out to the Secretary of State yesterday. Hopefully I will get them back early next week. Then I have to send them to the US Secretary of State and to the Ethiopian Embassy which will add another week or so, then I have to forward them on to FTIA. So, all in all it should take about 2 weeks. I just don't want it to hold anything up if we happen to get our referral soon. Andy got his typhoid and second Hep B shot yesterday. All we need now is my final Hep A and his final Hep A & B. Technically we shouldn't get them until November, but if we travel sooner, they will expedite the process for us. We will just wait until we know for sure when we have to travel.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

my week

Currently I am sitting in the Philly airport waiting for my flight home. I spent the week at a CHA clinic certifying horseback riding instructors. It was so wonderful spending some time with one of my greatest loves....the horse. We seem to relate. We have an understanding. It's almost as if we communicate with each other without words. I absolutely love this animal. The little girl who dreamed of riding and showing pops her head up and blossoms. I so wish that I could have a horse now and share this experience with my daughter. It is a passion that I really can't explain to people, unless they are horse people! They get it, which is why I thoroughly enjoy my week with horses. However, as I sit in the airport waiting, I am reminded of my current baby girl in Africa. I imagine myself sitting here waiting for my flight to ET and thinking about how I will feel and what I will see. My friend is currently in ET picking up her baby boy and I am so thrilled for her. She is holding her child and looking into his eyes for the very first time. She is squeezing him tight and caressing his soft brown skin and soft curly hair. I long for that day for myself. I keep telling myself that it is coming, but I have been doubting lately. I am hearing about other families who are receiving referrals for baby girls whose paper work arrived in ET after our paperwork did. What is up with that? I keep telling myself that I will here something this week, but not so much. Today is Saturday again. Maybe next week.