Monday, September 27, 2010

Submitted to Court

We just got word this morning that our case was submitted to court!!! We will know in the next 2-4 weeks when our court date is. We are praying for early November, but it is all in God's hands. We are just thrilled that things are moving forward. This means that all of our paperwork is in order and we are just going through the formalities. Praise you JESUS!!!! I feel like screaming from the rooftops. It has been a long time since we have gotten some good news. I am giddy.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Cool God Stuff and Adoption Update

You may ask...Why in the world is she posting a picture of an elephan trunk. Well, this reminds of God. The story unfolded like this: We had the opportunity to go to Busch Gardens over spring break and really enjoyed our day there. At the elephant exhibit the staff would put the animals up and go out the their enclosure and hide treats for them. They would put things like skittles and licorice and bananas everywhere, especially in obscure locations. They really liked the skittles, but they were hard to find. It was fascinating to watch them wrap their trunks around them and gently put them in their mouths. You may think, how does this remind you of God. Last week Andy got a new company vehicle and found that it needed new tires. These tires were going to cost around $450! With the adoption, we are trying to save as much as we can, but Andy felt that he had to have them because he was afraid that they would burst! Well we went on with our week and were trying to find ways to make some extra cash. One afternoon, Andy was looking through the camera bag trying to find some charged batteries and lo and behold in the pocket was $250 he had tucked away during our vacation! WOW. How could we forget about that! Then later that day he was in the bathroom cleaning up and underneath my jewelry box sat traveller's checks for $200. Can you believe it....$450 just sitting in the house. We had to stop and just thank the Lord for His guidance and His watch care. I find it much like those skittles...the money was hidden away in special spots, we just had to find it!

On the adoption front, we haven't really heard anything other than what I have been researching on my own. Several Bethany families (including one that received their referral on the same day and other families that received their referral after us) have been submitted to court. They should know within the next 2-4 weeks as to when their court date will be. I can only hope and pray that our case was also submitted in this group. I feel like I don't get any information, and then I feel guilty for asking for more. Several of these families have also received updates; we haven't gotten anything since July 29. I could cry many days if I let myself dwell on it, but I just get busy doing other things or I spend time in prayer over beautiful miss "B". I also have been in contact with USCIS. Our fingerprints have expired, but I sent in our paperwork for refingerprinting over a month ago. I called them 2 weeks ago and they didn't even have our case filed. Yesterday, he said our case was filed but that it was waiting to be assigned to a person. He requested that our file be sent to him specifically. He said he will have it within the next day or 2 and then he will call us with our appointment for re-fingerprinting. That will be within 4 weeks from the time he gets back with us. After the prints are taken, we may have to wait an additional 4 weeks. I wonder how long it would have taken if I hadn't called them. I thank the Lord tha I got someone on the phone that was kind and willing to look into our case. Many times people from CIS aren't that helpful and you have to wait until it is "Your Turn". We have to have this paper for our Embassy date. Lord may it come quickly.