Friday, February 25, 2011

Embassy Trip: Day Two

I had better get busy or I'm never going to get our trip completed, plus I want to start talking about all of Olivia's progress. So, here we go... day two. So we get off of the airplane and literally RUN to the visa line because we knew that if we didn't pass up most of the people we would have to wait FOREVER to get our entrance visa. We got down to the line and were like 3rd in line!!! We quickly got stamped and went through we decided to go back to the bank and exchange our currency but when we went back through the line they tried to stop us again! I almost felt like a criminal trying to go through. They looked closely at us and let us go through. We went to get our bags and ALL of them made it through!!!! We waited for are travel buddies to get all of their bags and headed out. The mass of Ethiopians looking at us was overwhelming once again. Even though we saw this last time, it was overwhelming once again. Andy went and found Abel, our favorite travel guide, and off we went. As we drove to the guesthouse both of us commented on how it felt like we had arrived at home. We made it to the guesthouse and were welcomed with the BIGGEST hug from Birtukan. She is the best!!!! She ushered us up to our rooms so that we could rest up for our visit with our baby later that day. But first, she fed us BREAKFAST!!!!! Her pancakes are amazing. But before we ate, Andy ran up and got a gift we had brought for her. When we were there at court, her blender blew up because of the electrical current. We brought her one that she could plug in with NO adapter. She was sooooo excited. With bellies full, we went up to our room and rested. I got under the covers and Andy said, "You had better not do that or you won't wake up!" Next thing I know, Andy is getting under the covers too. We forgot to even shut the door to our room. Moments later (more like 2 hours, but it felt like moments) Brittany knocked on the door and said it was time to go. So, off we went to the orphanage!!!! It was soooo wonderful to walk into Shalom and see our baby girl. She was on the floor and I almost didn't recognize her. Andy said go get her, she is the one looking at you!!! Yes, daddy recognized her before I did. I went and scooped her up and we cuddled and played for the next couple of hours. The video crew was there to capture our time with her as well. It was weird, but we know we will cherish it. Soon, daddy was outside playing with the older kids. I think he secretly likes soccer!!! We also had the opportunity to love on some of our friends kids! Emily T (our fellow FTIA family) has a baby girl there that is very tiny. We were able to take some pictures and video for her. I was so excited to do this because I remember how important it was for us to get those pictures from other traveling families. We also got to see some other kids we loved on while we were there for court. So awesome. They were excited to see us too. We soon loaded up and headed back to the guesthouse. Great day!!!

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